Friday, April 28, 2006

NEW FIRE nominated for NAMMY award!

New Fire has been nominated for a Native American Music award (NAMMY) in in the Native Heart category. The NAMMY awards are the Grammy's of Native American traditional, contemporary and Native inspired music. It is a great honor to be nominated.

All nominees were voted upon by the national Advisory members of the Native American Music Awards and chosen among the 150 national contemporary and traditional music recordings originally submitted for nomination consideration. Winners of the Eighth Annual Native American Music Awards will be determined through membership print ballots and a national voting campaign open to the general public on the Nammy's website.

Yes, the voting is open to the public, so you too can vote for New Fire. To do so go to

Once at their web site:
  • click on VOTE
  • click on OBTAIN LOGIN
  • fill out FORM
  • your USERNAME and PASSWORD will be sent to your email address
  • once received, LOGIN

    You will need to cast a vote for ALL of the 25 categories (which takes about 10 - 15 minutes). This is great opportunity to listen to some artists that you have probably never heard of. There is some great Native American music which hopefully you will enjoy.

  • NEW FIRE is in the final category at the end.
  • Remember to click on SUBMIT YOUR BALLOT on the last screen.

    The Award ceremony is scheduled to take place June 8th at the Seminole Hard Rock Live Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. All tickets are on-sale now and available at Ticketmaster.

    I hope you'll vote for New Fire and thank you for your support.
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    1. Cathy T.7:37 AM

      I'm contacting as many of my family, friends and other acquaintances as I can to garner votes for you! Best of luck to you and New Fire, Scott!