Sunday, December 09, 2007

Chasing the Sun: Haran Triple flute

There is a lot of experimentation going on in the world of Native American flute. Many makers are trying different designs and combinations to come up with some very interesting flutes. The history of flute making is one of change spread over thousands of years but recently the amount of experimentation has been increasing at a tremendous rate staring about ten years ago with the first bass NAFs made by Hawk and Geri Littlejohn and continues today with many makers. These new designs include bass flutes, drone flutes and double flutes made from a variety of woods and clay and other materials.

My latest recording Lost Canyons features one of these very unusual Native American flutes on track #10: a triple chambered flute made by Pat Haran which is best described as a double drone flute.


In this latest post we're going to look at this flute and a common NAF player affliction "Flute Envy".

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