Thursday, April 06, 2006

Flute Class: Native American flute Song Writing Workshop.

I am giving a Song Writing Workshop for Native American flute on May 20th, in Southern California. This workshop will focus on how to take your small ideas and turn them into music for the Native American flute.

Learn the tricks and secrets of the pros!
Learn simple, easy techniques for composing melodies and turning them into songs. You will learn how to make your ideas more focused and tighter. This class will get you started on the road to writing your own Native American flute music!

You will also learn how to compose songs on the spot with easy Playing from the Heart improvisation techniques.

This will be a hands on workshop with a lots of playing. Class members will compose a song in class that will then be recorded for a Listen & Learn analyzes and devlopment session. Everyone will receive a copy of their recorded song on Audio CD that they can share with family and friends.

We will cover:
  • Writing melodies
  • Techniques for expanding your small ideas into songs
  • Playing from the Heart and the Head
  • How to combine melodies
  • Critical analysis and development.
  • Composing a song
  • Recording your songs

    Date & Time:
    Saturday, May 20th, 2006
    10am - 4pm

    Santa Margarita United Methodist Church
    30605 Avenida de Las Flores
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, 92688

    $90.00 per person. Deadline May 6, 2006

    How to Enroll:
    To enroll or for more information go to Native American flute Song Writing Workshop on my web site

    If you don't have a flute read my How to buy a Native American flute article that tells you everything you need to know to buy a good Native American flute. I am making flutes available at a discount to class members.

    Please note: This class will not cover the basics of how to play the Native American flute. This class is not recommended if you've never played before.

    Here are some photos from past classes:


    Scott -Ed2

    Scott- don2


    1. Hey folks, don't ever miss an opportunity to attend one of these classes. I HAVE GONE TO TWO OF THEM!

      Like most beginer flute Players, I could pretty much play some neat sounding tunes, but since I was just playing 'whatever came to mind', I could never remember how I played that tune. Scott showed us how to actually put the 'riffs' in order, thereby making it easier to duplicate it at another time.

      Another very 'cool' thing that you will walk away with is 'bragging rights" that you got to perform at the mic with Scott August in the audience. WAY COOL!!!


    2. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Thank you for the information, Scott. Wish I could get in on some of it. Someday...Michael Farmer Baileys Harbor, Wisc.

    3. Enjoyed the first visit to your blog, wish I had seen it before ordering my NAF, however I have a feeling in my bones that my NAF and I will get on together. In the meantime I will work my way through your words of wisdom and learn. Thanks.