Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rocky, the Coconino Rock Squirrel

While doing an In-store appearance here at the canyon, I set a cup of hot tea on a window sill behind me to cool. After finishing a tune I heard a rustle behind me. I turned around to find an Rock Squirrel sucking down MY caffeine. After my initial shock I grabbed my camera and started taking photos and a QuickTime MOVIE. By that time a small crowd had gathered (upstaged by a squirrel once again...) and while I was filming the little guy, someone's flash went off and scared him away. Not before he had consumed a fair amount of tea. I figure he'll be up all night tonight, wigged out on caffeine. After that little adventure he tried to come in the store through the door, scared a of couple women and made his way up a Juniper tree to gorge himself on berries, all the while posing for tourist cameras. At first I thought he was an Abert Squirrel, but I have since found out I was mistaken.

Here are some sunset photos from today:
Most of the tourists face west when the sun sets, but the real show is to the east as the filtered light makes the cliffs glow red, vermillion and orange.

Distant Thunder

Fading light

Looking west after sunset.

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  1. Walt Puciata11:52 PM

    Scott, you make some great photos, too. What a life you are blessed to lead! Please be safe out there and stay alert on the road!


    Walt Puciata