Friday, August 26, 2005

Grand Canyon Sunset

Took these today. The sun is making it's way south for the coming fall and the light and shadows seem to have sharper,more crystallized quality. Even though it's in the mid 80's during the day at night there is a definite chill in the evening air. A hint of fall. The raw reckless days of summer are slowly giving way to the calmer, quieter days autum.

These photos show what appears to be a fairly tranquil scene. The truth however is that there are park visitors everywhere along this section of the rim. That and the fact that the main road runs about 50' away, make finding some solitude in what should be a beautiful, peaceful setting, impossible. But what can I expect from a place that has 4 million+ visitors a year? In some ways though, this is also the charm of this place. Today I met a man from Nigeria and a couple from Hong Kong in the space of 2 minutes! Everyone seems happy and awe-struck by the view. The canyon puts the problems of human "civilization" in perspective.

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  1. HEJ !
    You are a fantasic photographer, your pictuers are beautiful. I like the sunset and I have a special place on an island on the east-coast of Sweden. Agneta